• Vendors for our upcoming April 30, 2019 Show!

    Animal Nutritional Products – Since 2001, Animal Nutritional Products has grown rapidly through our development of a successful product line of some of the best nutraceuticals designed for pets. We focus on dealing head-on with the most serious and common diseases in animal health: osteoarthritis, urinary, bladder and kidney issues, pain management support and anxiety. To combat these health problems, we have developed the products ArthriMAXX™, UroMAXX™ and Our New Product, PhytoMAXX™ CBD liquid and Chews. 


    Benchmark Benchmark Payment Networks provides electronic payments to merchants in all 50 states and in many countries. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services. We uniquely tailor our credit card processing programs for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and agents, as well as for referral and reseller partners.



    Bona Vida – Bona Vida hemp products are grown and processed in the United States (with domestic and some imported ingredients).  We adhere to the strictest manufacturing requirements in the growth and production of all our products.  We know how important it is that you provide your pet with the highest quality and safest products.  Just one more way we help your pet live “Bona Vida”… the good life.



    Brutus Broth – Brutus Broth, LLC was founded through a passion
    and commitment to enhance our beloved pup’s diet while giving back to the community.  At Brutus Broth, LLC we believe that bringing innovative products to the marketplace will change the way pet owners supplement and enhance their dogs’ diet.  We pride ourselves on using only the purest, human-grade ingredients, fortified with joint health supplements, to create products dogs will drool over.  Our bone broth is crafted from a family recipe that not only tastes good but is a nutritional powerhouse for dogs.  We are a family owned and operated company.



    Buzzn – Buzzn is super-powered and high-quality hemp oil.  Organic, transparent and sustainable CBD oils for people and pets.  Generate calmness and creativity with buzzn. The mission of buzzn is to restore well-being with the power of plants.  Brooklyn born and Colorado grown, we’re crafting premium CBD solutions for people and pets.  Created by Pharmacists, buzzn’s products focus on the natural compounds of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that promote healing. Elevate your life (and your dog’s life) with our super-powered, high-quality CBD supplements.




    CBD Dog Health – Our new holistic pet products are designed for the benefit of your furry friends. Homeopathic relaxation sprays for separation anxiety or traveling needs, extra-strength cannabinoid formulations specially made for veterinarian use, and all-natural pet treats are only the beginning of our selection for pets. Contains full spectrum oil with CBG, CBN, and CBDA.  We are proud to introduce our growing line of holistic products for the well-rounded health of your dog. Carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients and wide-spectrum ingredient blends, there is something here to benefit every pet.  Made with a homeopathic blend including turmeric, our new oral tinctures are created with a blend of coconut and seed oil, for extended absorption and longer-lasting effects of our homeopathic formulation.



    Don’t Forget Pocket Strap – The Don’t Forget Pocket Strap is a hand-sewn pet leash accessory that will prevent you from getting caught out and about with your pet but without the things you need in the world.  Keys, dog tags, cash, cards, and two rolls of poo bags all fit comfortably in the pocket strap.  The Pocket Strap easily attaches to almost any leash or harness and does not dangle like other poo bag dispensers. It literally becomes part of your leash so you will never again forget the things you need when leaving your place with your pet.  



    Earth Animal – Born from 40 years of research by integrative veterinarian Dr. Bob Goldstein, Earth Animal provides natural alternatives that really work for your pet.  We believe in real organic foods, our devotion to finding the very best ingredients and an overall pure and natural idealistic way to address a healthier way of life. It is about quality of life for us, why shouldn’t it be the same for our beloved companions? We share the many years of our work with you, with the hopes that you will enjoy and reap the benefits of the Earth Animal products and services.



    Emma Ko’s – Emma Ko’s is an all natural organic paw butter made for pet’s paws, noses, skin rolls and more! Emma Ko’s uses only real-world waxes and organic oils to create specifically tailored paw butters for spring, summer and winter. Their products incorporate the healing and skin care powers of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil and Vitamin E. They also create 2 unique products, one for anxiety and paw chewing and another for deterring the swarming insects on your walk.





    Extract Labs/Fetch – Extract Labs is a combat veteran owned company that was founded in Boulder Colorado. Extract Labs prides itself on using only the cleanest and safest forms of producing the highest quality Oils, Isolates, and Terpenes exclusively from American grown Industrial Hemp. Extract Labs also offers product formulation and co-packing services along with white labeling, wholesale pricing on CBD Isolates, Shatter with or without all natural cannabis terpenes, CBD infused body creams, tinctures, and CBD vape products. Our Fetch Tinctures are Broad spectrum CBD for your furry companion. Rich in CBD, they have a base of fractionated coconut oil (the purest form of coconut oil) and can be taken sublingually or applied topically.


    Fairy Boss L.L.C. – The Innovation Dog Shoes – Our DJJ Dog Shoes and Fokwow Dog Boots are perfect gifts, which protect your dog’s paws and them clean and dry. Save yourself a lot of work! The best thing about our dog shoes is – Easy to put on & Hard to slip off! Our dog shoes can protect your dog from rainy days, snow, salt, and ice in the winter, hot pavement in the summer, as well as glass, thorns, or anything else like lawn chemicals. Our shoes have a good reputation and were sold more than
    60,000 sets last year all over the world!



    Fluffygram – The World’s 1st Social Media  🐶🐱 Pet app!
    Post, Share and Connect with Pet People Like You! Fluffygram app is now available on the Apple Store and Android Market.  
    Fluffygram is the place for people who love seeing and sharing images of pets. Connect with your friends, make new ones, and get rid of all the clutter of other social networks.  Fluffygram helps you showcase your pet from dogs, cats to reptiles and everything in between, to other pet lovers around the world. You are able to follow other pet friends and interact with them by liking and commenting on their daily posts.  When you download FREE app, please check what Fluffygram has to offer like: Pet Events & Promotions, Pet Coupons, FluffyCast, Pet Products, Pet Info, Pet Benefits!  All pets all the time, Fluffygram


    Green Coast Pet provides healthy superfood packed hemp supplements and treats for pets with a goal of improving your pet’s overall wellness. 




    Innovet – purCBD for pets with cancer, arthritis, seizures, anxiety or old age. Tracerz scent guides for blind dogs. BioPel all natural flea control. PurOtic all-natural ear cleaner with anti-injury silicone adapter. Patented silicone hand feeders.  Founded by two college buddies, Matt Terrill & David Louvet, with degrees in Engineering and Biochemistry, every product we develop was inspired by our own pets and their unique needs. Our special dog, Maximus, was one of them: he turned blind by age 8, fought cancer TWICE, and lived to the ripe old age of 16. Maggie, the puppy who had an unhealthy obsession with chocolate (what lady doesn’t?), was another. We’ve tailored our product line to fit our own unique needs because we figured that if we need these products, other pet parents probably do too!


    NaturVet – NaturVet is pet supplement company that has been manufacturing healthy pet supplements for dogs, cats and horses since 1994. We believe all pets deserve a quality life and a chance at living that life in optimal health and happiness. We are an NASC audited member and we carry the NASC seal on all of our labels. All of our supplements are manufactured in the US in a fully compliant, cGMP standard, FDA registered facility which means we follow the highest industry standards and practices. We also stand behind all of our pet supplements with a 100% money back guarantee.



    NeVetica – Founded in 2016 NéVetica is a revolutionary, game-changing, full-service pet company. Our flagship product, NéVetica Nutrition, accomplishes something that has never been done in the pet industry — the use of a simple, personalized pet health assessment to systematically identify and fill your pet’s dietary gaps and nutritional deficiencies. Watch your pet’s lifestyle transform on NéVetica Nutrition!




    Pet Smoochies is a new company in Detroit, MI that makes and sells original, smoochable pet toys. Our products are smooochable, so pets will want to smooch them by rubbing their face and nose against them. That’s why we call them Smoochies.  Founded in 2017 to research better catnip applications, we finally found the way to put catnip on a sticker. This year, we released our line of the first catnip sticker that is made with real catnip. On the way is a self-scratcher/smoocher for both cats and dogs, also used with catnip.  Our line of catnip coated stickers allows you to transform mundane objects into smoochable smoochies. With many more designs and products on the way, we’re excited to discover and produce what excites pets.



    Pets Destiny The future of your pet’s health!   Pets Destiny provides pet owner with supplements that work. Pets Destiny use top quality ingredients in everything we produce because your pet’s health and welfare are our top priority. Joint support, calming chews, ear cleaners, Hemp, CBD, and homeopathic supplements are just some of our ever-expanding product line.




    Ruffina – Pet clothing and accessories for little dogs and their humans. Designed in NYC and hand-sewn in the U.S.A . . . For little dogs with big ideas.



    TwinCritters was founded by goofy twin brothers with a passion for providing natural and safe pet products to your four-legged family members.  Both brothers went on to practice medicine — one in veterinary medicine and the other in endocrinology. Several years after their vigorous medical training was completed, the brothers reunited and TwinCritters was born. Marrying their love of pets with their passion for detail, the TwinCritters product line oozes quality with an eco-friendly, sustainable twist.


    VIACHEM LLC offers a variety of products for humans and pets. Our pet products include   All-Natural TeloMore®, the naturally derived, concentrated nutraceutical extracted from the root of the astragalus plant, which significantly slows down the shortening process of telomeres, thereby improving cell longevity. TeloMore diminishes chromosome fraying and enhances autoimmune system functions and lifespan extension. NibbleNot deters animal chewing, licking, nibbling and biting when applied to cuts, bruises, rashes, abrasions, medicated, sutured and/or bandaged areas. NibbleNot contains healing agents that accelerate the healing of surface wounds and is effective in
    curtailing tail chasing and biting behaviors.


    Wooftown’s Baked Fresh & Home Cooked – Baked Fresh Chicken, Salmon & Prairie Lentil Food for Dogs is a delicious blend of healthy ingredients including chicken, salmon, eggs, lentils and chickpeas. Combined with nutrient-dense superfoods like broccoli, wheatgrass, spinach, flaxseed and blueberries, this recipe is oven-baked in small batches to retain its high nutritional content. Baked Fresh is 100% free of animal by-products and meals, grains and fillers, and is designed specifically to promote a diet for continued health and well-being throughout your dog’s life.  Home Cooked Fresh Beef Food for Dogs is a balanced blend of human grade nutritious ingredients. With steamed beef, fresh fruits and vegetables, the recipe is prepared as you would at home and finished with nutrient dense superfoods. Home cooked Fresh gives your dog the superior optimal nutrition of a home cooked diet.



    Vendors from our May 1, 2018 Show!

    Agon®️Pet & CozyFur – Agon®️ Specialized in Front & Rear Leg Braces for Pets & CozyFur Pet Anxiety Vest that Features Calming Music and Calming Scent of Lavender Essential Oil.
    All of our Products are Patent Pending.



    Allegro Paws  –  Give your pet a gift of love. Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™ music therapy albums can gently calm and relax your favorite four-legged friends. Your pet will feel happy and loved and you will feel assured of their comfort. Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™, “Left Home Alone” will help keep your beloved pet in a peaceful mood while you are away from home and will help reduce separation anxiety.


    Exam Room Treats – In our exam rooms at Alison Animal Hospital, we like to break bread with our patients quickly. Therefore, over time we created a simple delicious treat resulting in less handling during the exam. Pets love the treats and we all love the results of a smooth appointment. Three simple ingredients do the trick: Chicken Hearts, Omega 3 Fish Oil and Tiger Nuts. The treats are preserved by freeze-drying thereby ensuring their maximal nutritional potency.  Made with love in Brooklyn, NY!



    BooDog – The NYC Brand “BooDog Lifestyles”is fully launching in January 2018.  “BooDog Lifestyles”
    is an online marketplace that lets you shop and change the world for dogs at the same time.  We give you unique, small and medium sized pro-dog companies who care about you and your “boo”dog, not the big chains. Jocelyn Mizrahi, Owner, also created a label that offers dogs high-quality fabulous clothing to make your dog look NYC-chic to match their trendy human. BooDog Lifestyles is more than just a label. It is committed to supporting nonprofit groups to help the fight against animal homelessness, abuse, and neglect and to preventing medical costs from separating pet and human. it does this by being a network for dog people with the same vision and giving 50% of all net profits to animal charities. 


    Charlie Bear Dog Treats – Our Grain Free Dog Treats, called Bear Crunch, are made with healthy,
    wholesome ingredients, such as apples, turkey, chicken and blueberries. They are less than 3 calories each and they are pocket perfect™ too!  3 great flavors to choose from.  Charlee Bear was developed to enhance the wonderful relationship between dogs and people. Each Charlee Bear Treat is a way to say “I love you” and make the bond grow deeper. We also wanted to keep dogs healthy and lean so Charlee Bear was developed as a low calorie treat. We always used simple natural ingredients. Dogs are family and training is like teaching our children manners. Made in the USA.



    Diggs PetYour dog deserves some new diggs! Ditch your ugly wire crate and give your dog the perfect home with the safe, spacious, stylish and easy-to-use Revol Dog Crate. Be first to learn about our launch!




    Ethical Products Inc. – Ethical Products and the Spot and Fashion Pet brands continually rank as the most recognizable brands in the Pet Industry. In a recent retailer survey conducted by Pet Age Magazine we ranked #1 in Dog Clothing, #2 in Dog Toys and Cat Toys!  Ethical Products is widely known as the leader in the development and marketing of new and innovative products year after year! We have won prestigious New Product Awards at the Global Pet Exposition Show for the last several years and took home three awards in one particular year for Best New Products for the Dog, Cat and Aquatics categories. The names “SPOT” and “FASHION PET” are well known throughout the world.


    Headlight Harness –  The Headlight Harness is by far, the best, most versatile dog harness on the market today.  Highly Reflective, Lightweight, and Water Resistant.  The Headlight Harness also features an integrated, focused beam LED in the chest that puts out over 80 Lumens. Not only does it light up the path ahead on your walks at night, it also makes you and your pet visible to any vehicles in the area, which greatly reduces the risk of being struck. The “No Choke/No Pull” design eliminates choking while calming your dog and reducing their tendency to “Pull Away” from their owners while on walks. The Headlight Harness also keeps your pet safe and secure in any vehicle. Simply run the seatbelt through the sturdy handle on the top and buckle it for a safe and relaxing ride. 


    K-9 Kit – Welcome to K-9 Kit. Our main goal is to make potty time easier. This simple target has led us to develop the K-9 Kit – an easy to use all-in-one poop bag holder, flashlight, handsfree bag carrier, and more! We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us – please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.


    Longevity – Dr. B’s Raw Pet Food – Natural. Wild. Organic. Raw.  These are not just catch-phrases in the world of nutrition, but a growing awareness that eating food in its natural, unadulterated state is best for health and wellness – for us and for our pets.Dogs and cats benefit from food that is as close to what their diet would be in nature. In the wild, our pets’ ancestors would catch their prey and eat every part of the animal raw, including muscle meat, organ meat, bone, and blood. When animals eat whole, raw food their health is optimized, paving the way for longevity and wellness. Dr. B’s Longevity is formulated by Dr. Gerald Buchoff, who has practiced both traditional and integrative veterinary medicine for more than 35 years. He has served as president of both the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) and the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association.


    Pawies – Pawies is the perfect place for animal lovers to find Earrings, Necklaces, Shoes, Pouches, Coin Purses and tote bags!  Follow us to see more cute stuff coming soon! 




    Paws Gourmet Bakery –  We bake artisan dog treats using only the highest quality ingredients (GMO free
    and no corn, wheat, or soy). We sell our products to quality independent pet retail stores around the country and direct to consumers via our website. Ask your favorite store to consider carrying our treats so you don’t have to order them yourself! Made in USA!



    PetPlate – PetPlate is on a mission to improve the lives of dogs by delivering 100% human-quality dog meals directly to pet parents nationwide on an auto-renewal subscription basis; plan frequency varies by dog size. Made from USDA meat and fresh produce, PetPlate meals are designed by the company’s veterinary nutritionist for optimal nutrition, and are cooked in small batches by a team of talented chefs for maximum palatability. Packaged in recyclable cups, the meals are ready-to-eat straight from the fridge or warmed up in a microwave. PetPlate makes it easy for pet parents to raise happy, healthy dogs by providing a nutritious solution to mealtime.


  – Ah, from the old deplorable messy cleanup days to the new totally clean daily experience! That’s what the GoGo Stik line of pooper scoopers from Pooch Approved Products, is all about.  The GoGo Stik product line offers new, patented pooper scoopers for a totally clean experience for that most dreadful daily pet cleanup task. We do all our assembly, quality inspection, and warehousing in Cortland NY at the JM Murray Center! We’re all about contributing to the best pet experience for all…




    SnugPups – Snugpups designs and manufactures fleece dog coats, dog raincoats, lightweight fashion dog coats, bandanas, slings and snuggie bags for your pet. Our products are easy to use (and we mean EASY), super stylish and fun and are handmade in Pennsylvania.



    SteelDog USA – Established in 2015, SteelDog LLC focuses on Affordable, High Quality, Toys and Treats.Our independent, well-trained, dedicated Sales Team is prepared to show the latest and most innovative pet products in the industry.  With no artificial barriers to entry, we truly make it easy to work with us! Find the best selection of pet products with no minimum order requirements, plus free shipping on orders over $300.00. In stock orders are typically shipped within 48 business hours.  Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are unhappy with one of your items, simply send the product back for a full refund.


    Verde Canino – Verde Canino shampoo and conditioner in one leaves your pet’s fur soft, shiny and easy to detangle while also supplying important nutrients to maintain healthy skin. Made from fresh, high-quality herbal sources!




    13-One Dog jackets are one of a kind. Imagine flying pigs, fat pandas or sprinkled donuts on doggie jackets. Will that not make your dog the cutest on the block? We use our patent-pending fabric that is made from NASA developed technology. It is the same technology that is used in astronaut suits. Our jackets keep dogs safe, warm, dry, clean and not so stinky. Our fabric is space certified, reflective, water-repellent and extremely lightweight. Regardless of the bad weather, or it is dark outside, or your dog is fussy, being outdoors will be more enjoyable for you and your pooch with 13-One!



    Vendors for our May 2, 2017 Show!


    Amelia and Holly’s Treats – Canine treats compassionately crafted by 1 mama
    and her rockin’ daughter in Golden Valley, MN.
     No Junk or Gunk – 5 organic ingredients used. Farm to Fido – produce from local, organic- certified farms (Little Hill Berry Farm, Open Hands Farm, Alternative Roots Farm–all Minnesota farms).  Small Carbon Paw Print –produce composted and compostable packaging used.  Philanthropuppy – percentage of profits and treats donated to non-profit organizations.  


    American Pet Nutrition – Do it Better! This straightforward philosophy has been at the
    heart of everything we’ve done image003-4 since Jack Behnken founded American Nutrition in 1972. He saw then what many of us take for granted today – our pets are considered family members. Therefore, shouldn’t we apply the same attention to detail in quality and safety that we apply to our own food?  Today, our family of brands is also known as American Pet Nutrition. We still develop our own recipes based on the highest quality ingredients. This attention to detail continues through the production and packaging process. By following the strictest standards of safety and quality, we continue to earn the trust of consumers across the country.


    logoBandanas Unlimited – Wholesale products for the Pet industry. We specialize in Dog Bandanas, Dog Design Fabrics,
    bows and more.  Custom printing on bandanas. Since we have large inventory and sewing our bandanas on premises we can accommodate volume orders. Based in Buffalo, NY. 


    Buddy Belts – The Ultimate Dog Harness & Accessories Since 1997. BUDDY BELT is the little harness that could. It wasScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.57.02 PM specially designed for Buddy, a miniature dachshund. Its unique, patented design reduces stress on your pet’s neck, is easy to use and is made with 100% leather and quality hardware. This makes the BUDDY BELT very fashionable and highly functional.  Each BUDDY BELT is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada with attention paid to every detail. The quality of the product is the result of continued efforts to make it the best. Class Art Productions Inc., makers of BUDDY BELT, strives for 100% customer satisfaction. BUDDY BELTS are available in multiple sizes and colours. Other accessories include: matching ID collars, leashes, couplers and liners.




    At C’MiMi we innovate, we reuse, we recycle, we upcycle, and we mix and match.
    Our products are made with pasion and we hope they will make a fashion statement.
    Our goal is to bring comfort and style into the lives of your furry friends and yours of course!




    Comfort Food For Dogs – Specializing in all natural canine treats,  Comfort Food For Dogs offers homemade biscuits, dairy free ice cream, gluten-free flavored oatmeal and an organic kibble mix-in for dogs.  We take pride in using responsibly sourced ingredients to create our products.  Feel Good Pet Food – Made with Love – Just for Dogs.



    newest-logoDestination Hemp – Backed by 25 years of veterinary expertise and powered by hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, our products are designed to address the specific areas that challenge your pet. Therabis’ founder, veterinary expert, Dr. Stephen M. Katz, has spent a lifetime researching, developing and perfecting our natural formulations, resulting in unparalleled and specific products. So you can feel confident knowing that you’re providing your pet with reliable relief delivered through natural ingredients.


    Doggie BowTie Collars – Created by Neveen Mullaly, women’s accessory designer, Doggie BowTie Collars ail_570xn-1023825511_brm4re made byhand with beautiful and luxurious materials, of different styles, sizes and colors to suit the most sophisticated pooch!   Doggie BowTie collars come in silk, leather, cotton and designer fabrics.   



    Dozers Pet We are a company that believes the love we have for our pets is truly something special.  15284164_351365155221497_8876053213798848465_n
    They are our best-friends as well as members of the family, and that is why we created DOZERS.  Dental health is vital to your dogs overall health and wellbeing, yet is sometimes overlooked. Our Quality chews, made right here in the U.S.A, keeps plaque and tartar in check while still being nutritious and delicious. So spread the love and share a DOZERS Dental Chew with your dog today!   

  – Fluffy Rx is a Free app to help you offset the high cost of your PET prescription medication with savings. All fluffyrxlogoyou need to do is ask the veterinarian for a written prescription and take it to the pharmacy along with the FluffyRx App. It is important to ask the veterinarian for the written prescription (before you check out) while you are in the consultation room with him/her and your pet. This will let the vet know that you prefer to have a written prescription that you can take to the pharmacy rather than have him/her fill the prescription at their office.


    Le Chien Bleu – At Le Chien Bleu, we create simple and luxurious clothing items for your dog, lechienbleuny_logousing premium materials and original design!




    Pets Global, Inc is an independent holistic wellness company founded on a passion for animal welfare. Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.36.48 PMBeing independently owned, we have the freedom to create the best possible pet foods and products for our companions. As avid pet owners, we understand the mutual bond that exists between people and their animal companions, and it’s this connection that drives us to research and produce the highest quality, Physiologically Tuned™ recipes for total pet nutrition. We’ll never compromise our principles for profit, because we believe the right choice of food not only helps pets to live longer, healthier lives, but enriches the lives of their owners as well. And that’s the greatest reward we could ever ask for.


    Puppy Hugger – Our mission is to help YOU find the right bed, crate pad or blanket for your dopuppyhugger_logog or cat – specifically, a bed that pleases you in looks as much as it pleases your pet in comfort. Making everything to order on site in CT gives us the flexibility to give you exactly what you want – whether it’s a custom-size or a unique blend of fabrics & colors. We’ll even send you fabric samples to get that perfect match for your decor!  Your Puppy Hugger luxury dog bed should become your pet’s first place of refuge & we’re invested in helping you make that happen. We’ll go further than the extra mile to make our customers happy!


    PuppyPan – PuppyPan is an innovative, new dog litter system especially designed to meet the needs of dog owners who require convenience and flexibility in managing their pets’ elimination needs. It consists of a uniquely designed pan, tested to easily accommodate dogs of a range of sizes and a specially formulated litter that is extremely absorbent as well as comfortable to the dog’s paws. Peck Rock Associates, a family-owned business providing custom designed and manufactures plastic items since 1969, is the manufacturer of this extraordinary puppy training system.


    Push Pushi – Push Pushi is the name for our new line of innovative dog apparel and
    accessories for pets and theirpushpushi owners. Our flagship product is the new patent pending Push Pushi dog raincoat with its sturdy rain hood that can be detached or folded back like the roof of a convertible car. All our Push Pushi branded products are made in our family owned and opertated factory in Santa Rosa, California, where customer service & customer satisfaction are our highest objectives and guiding principles.




    Ride Along Pawsis a fabric car door protector.  We are located in one of the
    Top 5 BEST U.S. cities for dogs, Austin, Texas.  The idea for creating a car door protector began several years ago and is now a reality. Susan Manning Kerlin began Ride Along Paws on August 20, 2015. The product is now distributed to independent Austin pet stores and surrounding areas.


    SweetPawz Makers of beautiful costumes and couture outfits for your pets!  Hand made right here in the USA.17240630_10102521942154747_7199811911069553670_o




    Walking Palm Cat Caves
    – Cat Caves serve as sleeping “burrows” made of comfortable all-natural wool.  Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.34.12 PMThese cozy wool retreats were tested on friends and family and made such a huge hit that Riggs and Guess expanded a line to produce them for the public under their pet brand, Walking Palm.  Durable and enticing for any domestic cat, they provide security, warmth, and luxury for cats of all sizes.  More ideas are in the works, but the Cat Cave was the perfect first product for its simplicity and popularity for cat lovers and their pets!



    Vendors for the past April 19, 2016 show!

    A Pet with Paws – an exciting new collection of fashionable, cruelty free and sustainable pet carriers and accessories.  12993433_10102029826328807_1905078429872721836_nWe are all about providing pet owners with affordable style alternatives that are whimsical, functional, light weight and have panache!,with the added bonus of being vegan and contributing towards preserving the environment. No the material is not leather…at first glance it looks like real leather but upon closer examination you realize your eye has been tricked and what you are seeing is a photo printed image on fabric made from made from recycled plastic bottles! So check out our chic eco-conscious products…both you and your pooch will be glad you did.



    Bling Bone is a cute and fun company of fine jewelry accessories directed to pets and pet lovers world. Most of our items12985578_10102029825964537_4339953489908438947_n is hand made in New York City. A commitment to pets, paired with a family history of over 50 years in the fine jewelry industry in NYC, has proven to be the formula to breed a beautiful line, perfect for everyday wear or black tie gala affairs. ‘Chews’ from personalized puppy tags or a ‘grab n go’ pet jewelry line for people – dog and cat lovers, any diva could drool over!



    Buddy Belts – The Ultimate Dog Harness & Accessories Since 1997. BUDDY BELT is the little harness that could. It wasScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.57.02 PM specially designed for Buddy, a miniature dachshund. Its unique, patented design reduces stress on your pet’s neck, is easy to use and is made with 100% leather and quality hardware. This makes the BUDDY BELT very fashionable and highly functional.  Each BUDDY BELT is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada with attention paid to every detail. The quality of the product is the result of continued efforts to make it the best. Class Art Productions Inc., makers of BUDDY BELT, strives for 100% customer satisfaction. BUDDY BELTS are available in multiple sizes and colours. Other accessories include: matching ID collars, leashes, couplers and liners.




    Chews Happiness –   We offer unique, handcrafted creations made from rare, exquisite yak down — one of the warmest, softest, natural fibers on the planet: Doggie Happiness Hugs™ – utterly warm, soft, yak down doggie sweaters and Ladies’ Happiness Hugs™ – matching yak down ladies’ apparel. Chews Happiness™ works with local artisans to co-create amazing products based on traditional arts. Together, we build whole new industries where there were none. Local artisans now have new sources of income based on fair trade, their own self-sustaining businesses, and the ability to maintain their traditional lifestyles.



    Delectables by Hartz – The First Gourmet Cat Treat! Introducing New Hartz® Delectables™. Every bite of Hartz®

    12973132_10102017256808227_4515331039599321131_oDelectables™ Gourmet Cat Treats is basted with premium flavors for a delicious crunch cats crave. Available in five gourmet flavor varieties. 100% Nutritionally complete and balanced. Made in the USA.






    FurrFighters – Jack’s Furrfighters Furrfighting Gear is 100% American made in Southern New England. Furrfighters
    LLC was created and developed by American Firefighters going from fighting fire tofighting FUR! 
    The products work simply by swiping over a target area, gathering the hair and debris as you go, bring it all to an edge or pile, pick it up and dispose of it. Just slap the product a few times to remove any residual hair left behind and repeat as necessary. Furrfighters remove hair from most fabric and hard surfaces, they also remove loose, shedding hair from your pet directly while grooming or petting! Just wear our gloves while grooming or petting your pet, hair every time you touch them! Clap them together a few times and your back at it. Plus, the natural animal oils in the material help to give your pet a shiny coat.  Gently remove the top, loose, shedding fur from your pet just by petting them!  Works on Dogs and Cats!



    Gampets is a pet videos and entertainment startup. Our goal is to use pet videos as a universal language: through themlogo-6
    we are committed to spread positivity and influence communities around the world. The Gampets Team is focused on promoting the love and respect that our pets deserve, while understating the science behind the type of content that people want to consume in any given period of time.Our goal with the Gampets App is to gain access to data that allows us to study the science behind what makes content more likely to be spread from one person to another.



    Hedda’s Squeeze Treats offer a new way for you to connect with your dog. They’re made from human-grade,all-natural
    ingredients (sounds tempting, right?), and because they need your help to be squeezed in your dog’s mouth, it’s a great way for you to bond with your dog!
    All of Hedda’s Squeeze Treats are made with human-grade, American ingredients (even the packaging is made in the U.S.). No artificial preservatives are used. Because of this, they are fresh and have a limited shelf life. When not being used, Squeeze Treats should be refrigerated for maximum enjoyment.



    Optimal Pet Health – Fifteen years ago we started our quest to improve the health of dogs, and over 10 years ago we Logo-completointroduced our Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas. Since then, Vibrant Pets has helped thousands of dogs overcome common and chronic health issues, help keep our dogs healthy and reduce Vet bills. From this phenomenal success we now have developed our Super Dog Supplement – Optimal Pet Health.  By boosting your dog’s immune systemOptimal Pet Health will help ensure the maximum level of health for your dog. In addition to making a happy dog Optimal Pet Health will significantly improve the dog ownership experience, by helping overcome both common and chronic health issues.




    Petzi – Petzila was founded in 2013 with the mission of bringing pets and their owners closer together through today’s 11145078_10102025263872007_423143455478299487_omost popular trends and technologies. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Petzila is a leader in internet of thing (IoT) pet solutions with a broad array of patents pending, it has created a platform of technology solutions promoting interactivity, health maintenance, training, and overall well-being between pet parents and the animals they love.


    Puppy Hugger – Our mission is to help YOU find the right bed, crate pad or blanket for your dopuppyhugger_logog or cat – specifically, a bed that pleases you in looks as much as it pleases your pet in comfort. Making everything to order on site in CT gives us the flexibility to give you exactly what you want – whether it’s a custom-size or a unique blend of fabrics & colors. We’ll even send you fabric samples to get that perfect match for your decor!  Your Puppy Hugger luxury dog bed should become your pet’s first place of refuge & we’re invested in helping you make that happen. We’ll go further than the extra mile to make our customers happy!




    Sniffery – For a limited time receive your FREE bag of Sniffery brand of Made in the USA dog treats! Our Turkey Bacon and Peanut Berry flavors are 100% Corn, Wheat, and Soy free and now just simply free with any purchase you make on Sniffery. Don’t forget to create a member profile for you and your pets and use our unique “Sniff” button to like your favorite people, pets, and products you discover throughout the site!



    Whisker+Box The Whisker Box is specifically designed to respond to the scientifically proven fline desire forcompression, which translates to a sense of calm and security foryour pet. While it may look “too small” for your big cat, it’s all about the SQUEEZE. Your fury feline (or small canine friend) will spend hours happily squeezed into this mod box and will look great doing so.



    Your Perfect Puppy – was founded by Barton O’Brien, a reformed Wall Streeter and avid dog lover.  After years working12888504_10102007891765847_877187320811117108_o in finance in London and New York, Bart decided that he wanted to own his own business.  So he quit his job to look for other opportunities, but the first thing he did was get a new puppy -an adorable white Labrador Retriever named Walter.  Raising Walter was one of the most rewarding experiences of Bart’s life.  But along the way he noticed that a lot of the products he encountered at the pet store could be made better.  Bart only wanted the best for Walter, so Your Perfect Puppy was born.


    Vendors from the October 13, 2015 event!

    10172719_10204575234395451_7488312626334697641_nAuburn Leathercrafters – At Auburn Leathercrafters, we are dedicated to supplying retail pet shops with the products
    that sell. You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of our handcrafted products, using the finest full grain leathers and materials. We believe our customers must be given the best possible service and the best quality products. Most importantly to us, our business ethics and conduct must be beyond reproach and consistent with our faith.
    Made in the USA since 1950.



    is passionate about pet nutrition and living active, healthy lifestyles for ourselves and our pets. We believe good pet nutrition should be simple and Nulo is proud to live up to our promise of keeping pets active and healthy for years to come. Nulo is proudly made in the U.S.A using only the highest quality domestic ingredients. Our foods are produced in USDA, FDA, and AAFCO approved facilities and our dry food kitchen receives an annual inspection by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and has consistently received “Superior” ratings.



    Pure. Delicious. Natural and Organic Gourmet Dog Treats. The SMARTCOOKEE Company
    understands the unconditional love our pets give us. The truth is a healthy pet makes your life better too. That’s why we created a line of all natural dog treats that are way more than gourmet. Fueled by Chia Seeds, a great source of fiber for healthy digestion. MADE IN USA.
    No Corn, Soy, Wheat. Gluten Free. Go ahead – Try one!




    Scout and Zoe’s
     provides dogs with what they want….a yummy, long lasting chew. Scout&ZoesLogo
    Parents like that the chews are 100% natural as well as being a green, renewable resource.  Our chews are created from 100% naturally shed USA elk antlers. They are great for dogs with allergies or dogs who LOVE to chew!  We also have Venison, Chicken, Sweet Potato and Carrot jerky treats, of different flavors – all of our ingredients are made and sourced in the USA.  No nasty chemicals for our pals. Just pure USDA grade A boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are hand-cut and made with a lot of love. 


    Doggables Scoops are a premium grade, all-natural, VERSAtile dog treat that
    serves multiple functions!  The ingredients Printmake Doggables scoops a perfect choice for rewarding good behavior and training. The design facilitates easier medication delivery and enables veterinary, rescue and animal control personnel to safely calm, and bond with, frightened or aggressive dogs.  
    Our scoops are 100% all natural, whole food and human grade. Because they contain no artificial fillers, chemicals or additives, they are 100% digestible and nutritious, to help your dog’s body to heal and fight disease. These treats are made here in the USA. 


    PMI Lint Rollers are made with an extra tacky adhesive tape for maximum pickup and lasting power.
    Lint Busters™ Lint 13300Rollers are great for the pickup of lint, pet hair, or almost any unwanted particles on all types of clothing, furniture, car seats, floors…the uses are endless! Each Lint Busters™ Lint Roller individual sheet has one dry edge for easy peeling and disposable. By design, one dry edge gives you more pick-up area than other lint rollers! The adhesive extends all the way to the bottom of each roller so you don’t miss any spots!



    Grandma Mae’s All Natural Dog & Cat food Made & Packaged in the USA.  Our fine ingredients are brought daily to a small town in upstate New York, where they’re tested, washed, blended, cooked, and inspected before being packaged and shipped to your local pet store. Our fine ingredients are brought daily to a small town in upstate New York, where they’re tested, washed, blended, cooked, and inspected before being packaged and shipped to your local pet store.


    Canagan, manufactured in the USA, is an award winning range of grain free dog foods which provide exceptional quality, nutrition, and taste without artificial colorings or flavorings.

    The growing success and reputation of the Canagan brand can be attributed to high quality ingredients, robust customer retention, product performance and a determined loyalty to the independent pet trade.  Canagan is sold directly to partner retailers, not through distributors.  Canagan Pet Foods LLC’s dedication to the independent pet channel is reinforced by ensuring protected retail partner territories and that its products are never available in grocery stores, National Superstore Chains or available through online discounters.  Canagan is a unique opportunity for you to stock a product that really stands out and cares about you!


    newlogoFetch4Pets Fetch… for pets! is a manufacturer devoted to bringing
    high-quality products to our pets. We team up with major national brands to create pet lines. Through this process, we give consumers the ability to share their favorite brands with their pet. Fetch…for pets! also provides private label development & manufacturing for major retailers.  We currently supply over 300 corporate branded products for pet specialty retailers nationwide.


    Mackenzie Couture Accessories, has been handcrafting the finest dog collars and leashes for professional dog handlers,

    mackenzie-logo-darkbreeders and pet owners, since 2001. Each item is made, one at a time, from vintage and designer ribbon, combined with solid brass or silver plated solid brass hardware, and lined in a moire or laser-cut satin. Every original ribbon is a work of art, copyrighted and available only through Mackenzie Couture and a select group or retailers and, is the reason, we are seen at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and other major canine events across the country.  Mackenzie also offers reversible belts and buckles, suspenders and lanyards, made with the same uncompromising quality and originality, using the same designer and vintage ribbons. See Mackenzie’s complete offerings on




    Pet Party PrintzTM is dedicated to adding to the enthusiasm of your pets’ lively lifestyle. This one-of-a-kind pet friendly gift
    wrap allows your pet to receive a wrapped gift and enjoy the excitement of opening it too! Pet Party PrintzTM is designed and manufactured in the USA to be pet friendly, using non-toxic, soy-based inks. Our contemporary and playful designs were created to meet the modern tastes of today’s pet owners, and the revolutionary Rip’n’StickTM edge technology creates a safer product for pets, and a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to wrap gifts.


    puppyhugger_logoPuppy Hugger – Our mission is to help YOU find the right bed, crate pad or blanket for your dog or cat – specifically, a bed that pleases you in looks as much as it pleases your pet in comfort. Making everything to order on site in CT gives us the flexibility to give you exactly what you want – whether it’s a custom-size or a unique blend of fabrics & colors. We’ll even send you fabric samples to get that perfect match for your decor!  Your Puppy Hugger luxury dog bed should become your pet’s first place of refuge & we’re invested in helping you make that happen. We’ll go further than the extra mile to make our customers happy!


    Dazzling Paws Jewelry reflects the unconditional love you receive from your dog, capturing that emotion and channeling DazzlingPawsJewelrylogoWithTagLine5in it into one-of-a-kind dog jewelry designs affordable for every budget. The Dazzling Paws Jewelry line delivers passion for dog themed jewelry in Sterling Silver paw print jewelry and dog bone jewelry, authentic dog breed designs many with added unique artistic flair, heart pet jewelry, a semi-precious stone assortment, our customizable Letter Line, birthstones, rings, and precious pet memorial keepsakes. The Dazzling Paws Jewelry collection is 100% handmade in the USA from Recycled Sterling Silver.


    Introducing Petsmile®, the only dental care toothpaste recommended by the Veterinarian Oral Health Council (VOHC).12046654_10101797483530637_8879531027891152428_n Petsmile’s exclusive Calprox® formula is clinically proven to safely inhibit plaque formation for healthier teeth and gums. Petsmile also keeps your pet’s breath fresh. All without the need to brush. Petsmile can be applied with a fingertip or our exclusive swabs. Or you can use a toothbrush if your dog will let you. Petsmile goes to work immediately to attack plaque from bacteria, acid, food and saliva. And it dissolves in the mouth safely and effectively. No wonder it’s recommended by pets and vets.


    The Pet Healthy Family™ includes nine (9) products, each unique within their respective product spaces, each pet 12049226_10101803809702937_5552724090682505139_nhealthy, environmentally safe and consumer friendly. The three oldest products within this family are also the most prominent: An award winning cat litter, Perfect Litter™; the sole fat free dog treat on the market, K-9 Fat Free Treats™; and arguably, the most prominent and well established cat treat, Kitty Kaviar™. Each are currently among the best- selling pet products offered at , enjoying hundreds of rave (5 Star) reviews from cat and dog owners throughout the United States; and each addresses cat and/or dog health issues and have proven through their regular consumption, can prolong the lives of loved companion pet family members.

         Want to become a vendor for this event? Click here!


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